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Is milk chocolate the new dark chocolate? February 23, 2008

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This recent NY Times article claims that milk chocolate is the new dark chocolate.

At the Great Lakes Science Center‘s Chocolate exhibit this weekend, I picked up a bar of chocolate that advertised itself as “100% cacao.” Has the dark chocolate craze come this far that people will resort to eating ridiculously bitter chocolate for no apparent reason

Has the chocolate market become so oversaturated with bittersweet and dark chocolate that people are demanding more milk chocolate?


2 Responses to “Is milk chocolate the new dark chocolate?”

  1. WPlante Says:

    I find the 100% stuff a bit over the top too, but keep in mind that this percentage refers to the total cocoa content. This means they count both cocoa solids and cocoa butter. So, they can use more cocoa butter to smooth out the flavor a bit. But I still prefer some good old sugar in my chocolate!

  2. eva626 Says:

    haha…wow idk. but dark chocolate is reli good for you…and i cant stop having enough of it!

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