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Bar Cento gets rockin reviews and rockin ice creams August 1, 2008

Northern Ohio Live has rated one of my favorite late-night spots as the best in Cleveland! I’m excited about this, especially since Cleveland Magazine snubbed Bar Cento in their recent restaurant guide.

And, another sidenote that is completely blogworthy in and of itself…

Jeni's Dark Cocoa Gelato

Jeni's Dark Cocoa Gelato

On their dessert menu, Bar Cento has recently begin offering selections from my favorite ice cream place in the universe, Jeni’s Ice Creams!
A few weeks ago it was just a dessert special, but now it’s made its
way onto the regular dessert menu. They’ve been offering a variety of
flavors, including the Salty Caramel, the Black Coffee and the
Pistachio. Jeni makes creative gourmet ice cream, gelato and sorbet
from fresh, local ingredients. Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than
this. I wonder what it will take for Bar Cento to get my favorite
flavor combo, the Dark Cocoa Gelato and the Gravel Road? Jonathan Sawyer, are you reading this? :)

Since moving to Cleveland, I’ve really missed having a Jeni’s within
walking (and driving) distance from my house, and it’s practically
worth the drive to Columbus to eat Jeni’s. So I’m thrilled that one of
my favorite places in Cleveland has done the right thing by bringing
Jeni’s to Cleveland. Yum!

I love it.


4 Responses to “Bar Cento gets rockin reviews and rockin ice creams”

  1. Steve Says:

    Bar Cento is one of our favorite spots too. We at Cleveland Magazine have been gushing about it since April. Check out Laura Taxel’s review:

    or sample a little of it here:

    “Consider the ordinary french fry. Here it’s the central character in a culinary version of ‘Extreme Makeover.’ His mahogany-hued pommes frites arrive tumbling out of a paper cone, tossed with fragrant sprigs of fresh rosemary and plump cloves of garlic, accompanied by three kinds of mayo for dipping: garlic, curry and chile ($6, $9 for a big table-share order). I pop a few in my mouth, then many more, and suddenly I want to jump up and down, squeal and do that weepy laughing-slash-hyperventilating thing like the lucky winning folks on reality TV. Yes — they are that good.”

    Jonathan also appeared on our list of Tastemakers in our annual Best Restaurants issue in May. His interview is here:

    Yeah, and we can’t wait for his new 4th Street spot to open either!

  2. Chef's Widow Says:

    Yaaaay! Great post…so glad you like Cento & Jon!

  3. Beau Says:

    I’m thinking of getting a Cleveland food blogger happy hour together. Would you be interested?

    Andrew/Beau Cadiyo

  4. brad Says:

    I went there about a year ago with my girlfriend before I started my food and brew review blog! I cannot wait to go back there again and review it because honestly I really enjoyed my evening there. The duck fried fries are to die for! If you have a chance check out my blog too!!

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