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Wonton Gourmet February 16, 2011

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Wonton Gourmet
3211 Payne Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114-4505
(216) 875-7000

We stopped at Wonton Gourmet on a recent chilly weeknight before seeing South Pacific at PlayhouseSquare.  With its proximity to the theater district and abundance of free parking, we often plan to hit up a new spot in Asia Town before catching a show at the theater.

Wonton Gourmet was great!  Friendly, prompt service, and excellent food!  We had the wonton soup to start, and then for entrees we ordered the Szechwan Chicken and Beef with Chinese Eggplant.  The beef dish was a little spicy, but both were excellent!

The atmosphere was your standard Chinese restaurant with one unusual feature: the large-screen TV in the back of the restaurant that was playing a Chinese variety show, which I can only describe as a variation on America’s Got Talent in Mandarin.  Everyone else in the restaurant was watching with rapt attention, so we tuned in, and it turned out to be entertaining!

Most entrees were $10 or less, and we enjoyed eating the leftovers for three days.  You could really do well to share a small appetizer and an entree.

I will say that the menus were a little confusing for this first-timer: there were three separate food menus, and by the time we left, I still couldn’t figure out how they were organized, but they also have helpful huge color photos on the walls that correspond to the numbers on the menu, so that helped, too.

We’ll be back, Wonton Gourmet!


One Response to “Wonton Gourmet”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Next time – make sure to try the chive potstickers and turnip cake! Love Wonton Gourmet!

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