A Guide to Dining, Eating and Cooking in Cleveland, Ohio

About Me February 23, 2008

My name is Ferf. I live in Cleveland. I love good food. I love preparing it, eating it, dining out and sharing good food with friends. One of my favorite things about Cleveland is that it’s home to a bustling food scene of incredible restaurants and chefs, with plenty to explore.

Feel free to drop me a line or leave me feedback if you have comments. I’m always looking for restaurant recommendations and new ideas for homemade ice cream flavors.


Favorite restaurant in Cleveland: Parallax
Favorite thing to make myself: Homemade ice cream
Five kitchen utensils i couldn’t live without: wooden spoon, microplane hard cheese grater, metal steamer, 8-inch chef’s knife, good cutting board
Biggest pet peeve: plastic bags from the grocery store
Favorite course of the meal: dessert
Favorite type of dessert: ice cream
Favorite restaurant ever: Spice Island Tea House in Pittsburgh


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I saw that you linked to the Cleveland Sandwich Board – I wanted to let you know that I just reciprocated!

    Andrew (aka Beau Cadiyo)

  2. Andrew Says:

    PS If you ever want to review a sandwich, let me know – we’d love to post your submissions!

  3. hey, thanks for putting me on your blogroll. i also wanted to say i am doing a round up of the best cupcake in Cleveland. Come over and read the info.

  4. renee Says:

    Hey girl! Saw your from Cleveland & how you love good food :)! SAME HERE!!!! I added you onto my blog link so I can read more about your food stories later! Take care!

  5. Anna Says:

    Hey Ferf, I just saw this. Awesome!

  6. Rhonda from Texas Says:

    Fellow Foodie from Texas…

    Just thought I’d add my own…
    Favorite restaurant in Texas: Red Curry
    Favorite thing to make myself: Easy Lasagna
    Five kitchen utensils I couldn’t live without: Wooden Spoon, Restaurant-grade Cookie Sheet, Paring Knife, Heavy Duty Cutting Board and my Spoon-ula
    Biggest pet peeve: How sackers at the grocery stores put my groceries into the bag (hot dogs in with the boxes, fresh fruit in with the frozen foods, one item in a bag, etc…)
    Favorite course of the meal: Appetizer
    Favorite type of dessert: Soft-baked Cookies
    Favorite restaurant ever: Cheesecake Factory in The Woodlands, Texas

    Keep tasting America….

  7. Sitting just three miles off of Lake Erie, The Chef’s Garden is a small, family-owned farm that supplies chefs nationwide by cultivating products that are sustainably grown in full accord with nature.

    We value the relationships you have created with your readers and would like to extend to you a complimentary media pass to cover our 2009 Food and Wine Celebration as well as a pair of tickets, valued at $145 each, to be used as a giveaway or within a contest on your blog site.

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    This event will be held on July 18th at our Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio, from 4-9 pm. If you would like to accept our offer or would like more information regarding the event please contact Alex Scheufler at 419-433-4947 at your earliest convenience.

  8. brad Says:

    I wish I could “follow” this sign somehow on my blogspot buzz or through google buzz!!

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